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SANGAN SANAT Co. was established in 1995 and is located in Tehran. SANGAN is the first manufacturer of pressure and temperature instrumentation in Iran.
At 2001 we manufactured under license of Badotherm. But from early 2006 according to our customer's orders which required high quality international standards, we re-set up our production method. Since then we have been manufacturing our products based on our technology.
We import high quality raw materials from Europe.
Our main customers are oil & gas refineries and plants , chemical & petrochemical complexes and projects , power plants , energy , water & waste water industries , air conditioning systems , medical instruments , compressed air & steam systems , food & beverage industries , automotive , aviation .
We provide pressure gauges, diaphragm chemical seals, dial thermometers, thermo wells, temperature transmitters, instrument manifolds, instrument valves, instrument fittings, level gauges and gauge accessories.